"Cue Afternoon Delight: Decider’s own curation of the best of short-form content, including the Internet’s wittiest web series. This week, we’re spotlighting Solid 8, a comedy of errors examining the ups and many, many downs of trying to make it as an actor in New York City."

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"With comedy and characters that will appeal to any adult (young or older) who’s ever struggled to find his or her place in a complex world, as well as anyone who’s struggled to achieve professional success, SOLID 8 proves that while real life can have as many twists and turns as any great drama, it’s how we look at those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that can make all the difference."

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"The new web series 'Solid 8' might take place in New York, but its foundation is solidly rooted in Fredericksburg.

Co-creator Magan Carrigan is a graduate of Colonial Forge High School and the University of Mary Washington, and was abetted by her artistic contacts in the region for the series.

It’s also proof that those kids—you know the ones—who hang out at Hyperion and wax poetic are up to big things."

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"Magan Carrigan – a New Orleans native who graduated from Colonial Forge High School in 2007 and the University of Mary Washington in 2011 – created and stars in “Solid 8.” The web series centers on a woman living in New York City, barely hanging on.

'She’s trying to figure out who and what she wants to be,' said Carrigan of her character, Nicki, in an email."

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