social media

Hey, everybody! You may or may not have noticed the new little buttons on the bottom right of the page. These are my fancy new social media buttons! Click them and you will find all kinds of fun, new content that I won't necessarily post on here. Now that I have 4 different platforms for expression on the internet, I'm doing the best I can to keep content on them from overlapping as much as possible. Big news like shows and site updates, of course, will go across all platforms, but the day to day minutiae will (hopefully) vary from platform to platform. So that means there will be a benefit to following all of them (unless that will immediately make you sick of me- in that case, just pick your fave). I'm not gonna lie, the Instagram is pretty loose- you'll find a lot of pictures of my cat there so follow at your own peril. BUT I do post workout inspo and fun pictures of food, and I hear people on the internet like that stuff.

When you're inevitably creeping on me, you'll probably notice that the Facebook page and Instagram account have been around for a minute, but the Twitter is brand new so if you tweet, you should stop by and follow me so that we can deeply connect in 140 characters or less.

Cool? Cool. See you around!